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Do My Husband "You done that? Strap on one of those things and fuck a chick with it?" "See? I said, smiling knowingly. "I told you guys get off thinking about that. And yeah, I've done it, I've fucked a chick with a strap-on." I looking straight into his eye, thrilled that we would be talking so frankly, so openly. "But what really pressed my button was the thought of fucking a guy with one of those, hard and nasty right up his tight male ass." "So that was a big attraction of Donny's, right?" Mike said, figuring it out fast. "He knew what that shit was all about." "You got it," I said with a big smile. "Now you see what I mean, Mike? Turns out we both got this fetish, we both love to fuck ass." He smiled, looking me straight in the eye, a real sexy look too! "Nice to know we have something in common." I laughed at his forthrightness. "The thing is, I've had this other big fantasy that I haven't been able to fulfill. At least not yet. Like I know my husband loved making it with men, and that he craved having a dick buried up his ass.

June 16, 2010

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May 10, 2010

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